Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola
Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola

Mama Pelican Bird Feeds Junior Mola


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  • Handmade in Panama
  • Fair Trade
  • Width: 16.0"
  • Height: 12.0"

Hand-stitched Panama Mola Fair Trade Latin American Textile Art

HAND STITCHED BY INDIGENOUS ARTISANS:TraderBrock’s Molas are hand-sewn by indigenous Guna formerly known as Kuna artisans in Panama. We offer a wide range of sizes and designs. Because of its unique handcrafted nature, no two pieces of our fair-trade Mola are the same.

WHAT IS A MOLA?The Mola is a hand-made textile that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the indigenous Guna people from Panamá, Columbia, Central America, and South America. Molas have many uses. They can be framed as art for wall hangings, made into pillows, bedspreads, place mats, or used as fabric for quilting projects.

TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN: Molas are hand-made using a reverse appliqué technique using several layers of different colored cloth. The largest pattern is typically cut from the top layer and smaller patterns from each underlying layer. Geometric molas are the most traditional. Originating from ancient body paintings. Designs usually portray wildlife in the Rainforest. Inspiration comes from the nature and beauty that surrounds them. 

EMPOWERING NATIVE ARTISANS: Since 1991, TraderBrock has been providing Panamanian Embera, Guna, Wounaan, and Ngäbe, artisans with a global market for their handmade products. For the past twenty years, all sales revenues have been reinvested into the artisan community of Panama. This includes education, medical care, land purchase, tools, and other needs.    

  • 12" Height x 16" Width
  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade in Panama
  • SKU: 22052931T

MACHINE WASHABLE To clean, machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle tumble dry on low, do not bleach or iron

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Three Kuna women skillfully sewing a vibrant mola, a traditional textile art, for sale on, where you can find unique handcrafted items.

Fair Trade

Made in Panama

by talented artisans, supporting local communities and preserving their rich cultural heritage

Creating a Mola

starts with layering colorful
cotton fabrics and cutting intricate patterns, revealing the colors underneath.
Guna artisans then use appliqué and reverse appliqué techniques, often adding
detailed embroidery to produce a stunning, unique piece of textile art.

meaning behind the designs


Molas often feature depictions of animals, such as birds, fish, and
turtles. These designs may be realistic or abstract, and can include multiple animals in a single mola.


Many molas feature intricate geometric patterns, such as squares,
triangles, diamonds, and zigzags. These designs often incorporate
multiple colors and may be symmetrical or asymmetrical.


Molas may also feature floral designs, such as flowers, leaves, and
vines. These designs may be realistic or stylized and may incorporate
multiple colors.

Mythical creatures

Some molas depict mythical creatures, such as dragons or mermaids. These
designs may be highly stylized and may incorporate multiple animals or

Cultural symbols

Molas may also incorporate cultural symbols, such as the Kuna flag or
traditional Kuna clothing. These designs may be highly symbolic and
meaningful to the Kuna people.


Some molas depict landscapes, such as mountains, rivers, or the ocean.
These designs may be highly detailed and may incorporate multiple colors
and textures.

Cultural Meaning

represent artistic expression, identity, and heritage, often showcasing
traditional myths, stories, and elements of daily life. As an integral
part of Guna women's clothing, Molas embody their rich history,
traditions, and cultural pride.

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