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Cup of Cold Water Ministries, Panama



Cup of Cold Water Ministries is located in El Valle, Panama. The Ministry is managed by David and Lisa Carter and supported by a number of Churches of Christ here in the USA. 

Sharing the good news of the Gospel is the primary objective. But what makes the effort one of the most satisfying I have ever experienced is getting to know all the wonderful people you meet. And El Valle is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have been visiting El Valle since I was a child and have many wonderful memories. 

The town is located in the flat wide caldera of the 6 km wide El Valle volcano that is inactive; there is evidence that it erupted as recently as about 300,000 years ago.  Because of its elevation (600 m), it is cooler than the Panamanian lowlands. Natural attractions near El Valle include the Chorro El Macho waterfall, Las Mozas waterfall, the "square" trees behind Hotel Campestre, and a group of small thermal pools (which consist of three cement pools of mineralized water that varies in color depending on the specific minerals present at a given moment). The area around the town is also known for being one of the last habitats of the critically endangered Panamanian golden frog. Some of the forests around the town are protected areas.

(Isn't Google wonderful?) 

The Carter family is one of the mission groups we have followed and worked with over the years. They are dedicated and very effective. They love their work and invite others to share in it. They are out of town for a few weeks but when they get back I will ask them for a link to their church here in the USA. I invite you support them and contact them if you want to know more. In the meantime enjoy this great YouTube posting.

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I mentioned in an earlier Zambia Blog that the weekends can be a big bore for International Development workers. Usually that is a function of a language barrier but that isn't the case in Zambia. Most folks speak English because Zambia is the former Northern Rhodesia, a British colony. One Sunday afternoon I was in my room on the first floor. Beneath me was the garage for those with cars. I had a balcony that looked out on the hotel courtyard. I was sitting out there watching the hotel staff prepare the garden area for a party or luncheon. Hey,...

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RainForest Bus Ride Home

If you read the Coral Snake Blog you will recognize this as a follow-on.   Jeanie came out of the clinic with the kids and as we were taking them home I told her of my exciting adventure with Don Quixote and the coral snake. She didn't bat an eye and started to tell me about the Fer-de-lance and Bushmaster snakes she had found in her house. Then she told me about the baby mice that fell through the ceiling and landed in her bed, at night. We arrived home right at dark and Denis had dinner cooking. We prayed,...

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The Old Fashion Way

Early on in my Darien rainforest adventures Jeanie cook, a missionary I worked with suggested I bring trading materials along with money when I came to the rainforest to buy baskets. She explained that it was difficult for the women to travel to the city to buy the things they need. Of course my next question was what do they need. Jeanie said bras, panties, powdered milk, cooking oil, bug spray, and on and on. I thought...I don't know anything about bras and panties. Before the next trip to the Darien I went down to Central Avenue and found a...

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The Coral Snake

In the Blog titled Adventure in Puerto Lada I shared my first adventure in the Darien rainforest. Many more were to come. After the first adventure I knew how to travel the miserable road by bus. Mainly because the Cook's put me on a bus to return to Panama City after the first visit. The bus rides are an adventure in themselves but that isn't what this Blog is about. I arrived just east of Santa Fe, a small town in the Darien but on the road. Just east of Santa Fe is where the Cook's have their home and...

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