About Us

So, what is TraderBrock all about?  We have been importing Panamanian indigenous art for twenty-five years and on eBay for more than ten years. We work with the Kuna, Wounaan and Embera artists. The Kuna make the molas and mola products. The Wounaan and Embera make the lovely baskets, tagua carvings and the cocobolo wood carvings.

This fantastic adventure began with a couple of missionaries. When we started I was thinking profit, go for the gold. But as it unfolded, I saw it was much more. The products were beautiful but so were the people; the way they live, how they take care of each other and their customs.

Twenty-five years later we are still at it and loving it even more. Somehow that missionary thing rubbed off on me and became part of what we do. Doing the Lord's work has blessed us beyond belief.