Founded with
a mission

handmade, fair trade, eco-friendly

Established in 1991

At TraderBrock, our mission is to empower Latin American artisans by
providing a global market for their handcrafted products, while
preserving their traditional culture and values, supporting their
communities, and promoting environmental responsibility.


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Supporting the community

TraderBrock is dedicated to supporting the artisan community of
Panama by reinvesting all sales revenue back into their livelihoods. We have consistently provided resources such as education, medical care, land purchases, and tools that empower these artisans to thrive and succeed.


Bring your brand to life

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Crafting a greener future

At TraderBrock, we prioritize environmental responsibility by
striving to use eco-friendly packaging, recycle and reuse
shipping boxes, and sustainably source our products. By
shopping with us, you are supporting talented artisans, their communities, and contributing to a greener planet.

Meet our team

Len Brockman

Owner of TraderBrock, is passionate about indigenous art and culture. Since 1991, he has worked to empower Latin American artisans by offering their unique, handcrafted items to a global audience, promoting fair trade and cultural preservation.

William Riley

part-owner of TraderBrock, Born in Panama and joined the team in 2021.
With a diverse skill set, he manages marketing, photography, customer
service, and shipping, ensuring a seamless shopping experience while
supporting indigenous artisans.

Maria Castro

skilled Kuna woman from Panama. She creates molas, teaches public
school, and is a mother of four. Her talent has made her a key member of the TraderBrock team. Maria is committed to preserving Kuna culture.

Francisco Cabezon

a maker, assistant, and designer, has been with TraderBrock since its
inception. Specializing in Tagua carving, basket making, and mask
creation, he passionately crafts exquisite pieces that showcase the rich heritage of indigenous art.

Freddie Membora

a skilled Wounaan tagua maker, shipper, and jewelry designer, brings his artistic expertise to TraderBrock. He contributes to the team by creating beautiful pieces that reflect the spirit and traditions of indigenous craftsmanship.

Noel Carpio

Talented Wounaan tagua maker and basket designer, is an integral part of
the TraderBrock team. His creations showcase the finesse of indigenous
artistry and help preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Wounaan

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We invite you to explore our beautiful range of products and experience
the magic of Latin American craftsmanship. Thank you for joining us in
our journey to support these incredible artisans and celebrate their
unique cultural heritage.