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The Mola Treasure Chest


Years ago in Panama I worked with women's groups and charities to raise money. We had a simple agreement that benefited all concerned. The women would "buy" inventory at a discount and then sell it at fair prices to raise money. After a time they would return the unsold items and I refunded their investment. Fortunately they were very successful. So they would do it over again.

This experience has led us to introduce what we call the MOLA TREASURE CHEST. It is the same principle. Individuals and businesses select the molas they would like to buy from the inventory. Select the molas by copying the title line or just the number at the end of the title. This identifies the molas you want. The group must be for 50 molas or more.

We then offer each mola at a wholesale price. Because molas prices vary we must do it on an individual mola basis. The invoice will reflect the prices and the inventory numbers. If the prices are satisfactory you pay for all the molas via PayPal. We ship you the molas and you have two months to sell them or return them to us. (Paypal requires refunds to be made within 60 days of the purchase date.) We will refund via PayPal the wholesale price paid for each returned mola. Perhaps we can call it a prepaid consignment sale.

Who should this appeal to? Stores that sell art or textiles should love it. Quilting stores, material stores, museums...well I think you can see the picture. But another group would be the fund raisers, or folks like the Tupperware or Avon representatives. Quilting Bee and sewing circles also come to mind.

Just imagine laying out a stack of 50 or 100 molas for your customers to look through! Each person is SURE to find something they like! And you have no risk because if you don't sell them, you can return them for a full refund!

For more information write Traderbrock at or call me at 256-714-7245. I'm old fashion, I like to talk to my customers.

Try it, what have you to lose.

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