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Complete Website Starter Package

Basic Package - Lowest Cost Entry into Online Sales

Unique Opportunity!!  

Folks, this is by far one of the best ways to get started in online sales. This works especially well for gift stores, museum stores, and specialty shops because it pre-populates your online store with unique artwork items from around the world. 

You will choose $2000 worth of products (your cost $1000) from and they will be shipped to you and uploaded to your own web store. These products can be for sale in your brick and mortar store, and online at the same time. Once you receive them, we'll make them active in your store and you can ship from your own inventory. Each item will be marked with its unique inventory number so they'll be easy to store and find. 

With this option, we help you to not only set up a complete eCommerce store, but we help you purchase the inventory from a successful seller so that you can go right into business. The store will come already set up for you with customized selling categories, search terms, and products. You will be responsible for investing $1000 in inventory and choosing your inventory from well over 10,000 selections. We set everything up for you with a full online store and show you how to use it and add your own inventory.

Take a look at an example store like the one you would receive.

This Complete Online Business Package Includes:

  • Moving your selected inventory into your store, photos, descriptions, pricing, everything.
  • Connecting your store up with eBay where you can list and sell items to get new customers
  • Setting up to collect payments via Credit Card or PayPal and connecting to your bank account.
  • 2 Hours Training on how to enter your own items and list them on eBay
  • 1 Hour Training on how to ship items using USPS or UPS from right in your store.
  • Your items will have a 50% margin on them so you'll start making money right away and can get all your investment back if you only sell half the first order.
  • The products are unique, individual artwork items made by indigenous tribes in Central America, mostly from Panama
  • You can replenish your inventory at any time by placing another order. Moving items can be done for a small fee per session, or you can upload them manually if you like. 
  • This package will absolutely get you in business in as little as one week. If you follow our instructions, you will be selling items within just a few weeks, maybe just a few days.

If you are interested in this type of package and want to know more about how it works, contact me today for more info and we'll talk! Setup fees are only $299* in addition to your $1000 ($2000 value) inventory investment. Total investment to start up: $1300.

*with Minimum Ongoing Success Package

+ $29.95 per month to Shopify
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