Welcome Message from Founder - Len "TraderBrock" Brockman

We want to thank all of you who have shopped our eBay stores Traderbrock and Molamagic over the past fifteen years. The eBay adventure introduced us to new friends around the world while opening new markets for the treasures our Panamanian artist friends make. Many members of the Kuna, Wounaan and Embera tribes have ask us to thank you as well.

Who are we? It's a family affair. I am Len Brockman or Traderbrock. Rick is my brother. His two daughters, Stephanie and Beverly are also involved. We are in Aiken SC. 

We are now beginning a new adventure on SHOPIFY as an adjunct to our eBay stores. It will give us additional exposure and the opportunity to invite you to buy large quantities of art at a discount. We are still getting use to how SHOPIFY functions but when we figure it all out we will introduce instructions so small businesses can have access to our fantastic line of ONE-OF-A-KIND treasures.

We will also continue developing our Christian Mission work in Panama. Details will follow but our efforts focus on kids, dental needs and cataract surgery for the artists. Imagine these wonderful artists trying to continue making molas or carving tagua with cataracts blurring their vision. I have been there so I know what I am talking about.

I will update the Blog as we go along so check in regularly. Feel free to contact me as well. I am at lenbrock@traderbrock.com or call me 256-714-7245.

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  • Sue Luhr O’Connor

    You do good work

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