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Vintage Leather Wrapped Southwest Pottery-USA 16102522m

Vintage Leather Wrapped Southwest Pottery-USA 16102522m

$ 49.99

Folks, I bought a few of these pots at an Estate Sale. The house had a Southwest decor and there were a number of items that caught my eye. But the one thing I hate about Estate Sales is that unless a family member is present you can't get any answers to questions. So I don't know where these pots come from, how old they are or really what they are worth. What I do like about Estate Sales is late in the day the management team wants the stuff out of there so they don't have to deal with it. So I go late. 

Oh yeah, the pot. It measures 5" tall and has a 16" circumference. It has old leather wrapped around it. The photos are going to tell you more than I can. I think they are from the Southwest but that is a guess. 

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