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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched 1925 MoIa-Panama 17111507mm

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched 1925 MoIa-Panama 17111507mm

$ 32.99

This Kuna Mola measures 16" x 13". 

Folks,this mola has two meanings. First, the 25 refers to 1925. That is the year the Kunas who live on the San Blas Islands gained their autonomy. You see, a bunch of mainlanders went to the Islands and tried to teach the Kunas how to dress and dance. The Kunas didn't take to kindly to the intrusion and put a hurt on those invaders. I think a couple of them went to the hospital or worse. Anyway, the Kunas see 1925 as a day of liberation. So I frequently see molas with the 25 on it. 

But this one is special. Do you see the face with one blinking eye? I love mola art.  

Plus you are in luck because there is a mate. 17111508mm.

Shipping is included within the USA.    

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