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Hand Carved Wood Mask with Pedestal-Haiti 17092107L

Hand Carved Wood Mask with Pedestal-Haiti 17092107L

$ 29.99

Folks, here's another weird something or another from Traderbrock. Let me tell you how it came about.

It was a dark and stormy night in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I had just zipped my jacket and turned my collar up under the hat I was wearing. Moving from covered doorway to covered doorway I was working my way back to the Richelieu Hotel on Chartres Street. As I paused to let the water run off my hat I heard a hiss. Looking around I saw the glow of a cigarette. It grew brighter and then slowly moved away from the lips that hissed once more. Then I heard, "come sit with me until the rain abates." Abates? A big vocabulary for a snake, I thought.  

It was a woman's voice so I took her up. As I sat on the step next to her my eyes adjusted to the darkness. She smiled and I could see the four teeth left in her mouth. She blew smoke in my face as she pulled this mask out from under whatever she was wearing. "Big boy, you need this." "What is it," I muttered. "The face of many wonders" I heard her whisper. "Gaze upon its beady eyes and all your troubles will pass to your enemies." Figuring I could use an insurance policy like that I asked how much. "How many enemies do you have" was her response. "A handful," I mused. "Then a handful of your finest bills will do". Well, the rain had stopped so I paid her what I had to avoid becoming her enemy.  Now it is your turn. 

The mask itself measures 8.5" x 5". Resting on the Voodoo pole it is 15" tall. 


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