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Hand Carved Wood Mask with Inlaid Beads-Africa 17092108L

Hand Carved Wood Mask with Inlaid Beads-Africa 17092108L

$ 39.99

Folks, strange things happen to you if you live like I do.  Let me tell you how this came about.

It was back a few years, more than I care to think about.  I was helping a buddy unload a floating dock at the pier in Cristobal, Panama. Helping means accompanying because walking down the gangway is all I know about unloading.

Anyway, it was a small freighter and security was lack so I was aboard and watching this floating pier hang precariously from a cable as the fellows on the dock all screamed instructions at the same time. That's when the rain started. Pretty soon I couldn't see the pier let alone the dock plus I was getting wet. So I retired to what I would call the day room. It is the rest and relax room for the crew. Looked and smelled more like an ashtray. Plus it might as well have been the United Nations because no one spoke the same language. As I looked around it was obvious they were all smugglers because they were each inspecting their wares bought in the Free Zone. Sneakers seems to be the hot item.

As I stepped out into the hall for a breathe of fresh air this black fellow grins at me with a mouthful of ivories. Then he whips out this mask and mumbles "Africa, good luck". I reply, "How much"? He rolls his eyes, smiles again and says,"what have you got?" "Not much", I stammer and he smiles even bigger and says,"That's enough."

The mask itself measures 10" x 5". 


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