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Exquisite Brass Vase-India 17110323mm

Exquisite Brass Vase-India 17110323mm

$ 16.99

Folks, I just love Estate Sales, yard sales, and store sales. And then there are moving sales.

That's where this lovely acquisition came from; an Estate Sale here in Huntsville Alabama. I have been buying and selling brass vases longer than I like to remember. Of course...I'm glad I can still remember. Now where was I...? Oh yeah, brass vases.

This little gem measures 5" tall. What makes it remarkable is the etching and the colors. Picture it with a lovely rose.

Personally, I might fill it with tequila... No, just kidding. I'm a teetotaler. 

The photos will tell you the rest of the story. 

Shipping is included within the USA. 

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