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Exquisite Brass Vase Collection-India 17110322mm

Exquisite Brass Vase Collection-India 17110322mm

$ 39.99

Folks, I just love Estate Sales, yard sales, and store sales. And then there are moving sales.

That's where this lovely acquisition came from; an Estate Sale here in Huntsville Alabama. I have been buying and selling brass vases longer than I like to remember. Of course...I'm glad I can still remember. Now where was I...? Oh yeah, brass vases.

These vases are truly something to behold. They are etched in such a way that they reflect light. It is an extraordinary touch and something I haven't seen before. I hope the photos will do them justice.

The taller vase measures 10" tall and the other vase measures 7.5" tall. 

Buyer gets both vases. 

The photos will tell you the rest of the story. 

Shipping is included within the USA. 

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