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Copper Etched Wall Art Bullfight Matador-Chile 17082503mm

Copper Etched Wall Art Bullfight Matador-Chile 17082503mm

$ 24.99

This lovely piece of wall art measures 8.5" x 6.5". 

What amuses me is this is something I think I bought in the Santiago Chile airport in the very early 1970's. I was on a military Space Available flight and we stopped in the Santiago airport. One gift shop was open and one restaurant. All the rest were closed.

 It was the time of Salvador Allende and the economy of Chile was in a state of collapse. That restaurant had shrimp and potatoes, nada mas. 

Anyway, I figured I'd bail them out so I bought this copper etching. Later, in the early 1980's I went back and the economy was booming. I guess my effort worked. Rumor has it I had some help from the Chicago Boys. 

Oh, the the upper left hand corner you will see the crowd. 

Shipping is included within the USA. 

Stored DD cabinet #1. 

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