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Coca Cola Vintage Cribbage Board 17110601mm

Coca Cola Vintage Cribbage Board 17110601mm

$ 19.99

Folks, you never know what will show up at an estate sale. I found several Cribbage Boards at an Estate Sale the other week. I made an offer wondering if they would sell. So we have come to the moment of truth...did I blow it or am I rich? Only the shadow knows...

This marvel of yesteryear measures 9.5" long and 2" wide. In the little hideaway there are four metal pegs. 

You know, cribbage must be right up there with Cricket. Nobody knows what the rules are but they pride themselves as players. (I'll probably hear from the queen.)

The photos will tell you the rest of the story.   

Shipping is included within the USA. 

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