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Vintage Kuna Indian Fish Mola-Panama 3.98393

Vintage Kuna Indian Fish Mola-Panama 3.98393

$ 24.99

This mola measures 13.5" x 19".

Folks, this mola is vintage. It has both machine and hand-stitching which tells me it is from the 1960's or 1970's. Why? Because it was back then that a Peace Corps Volunteer group thought it would help the Kuna mola artists make molas faster, etc. if they used sewing machines. Well, the market said no. Folks wanted hand stitching. Some of this old machine stitchers show up from time to time. I figure this is one of them.

It is best suited for a serious collector who follows the culture of the Kunas. Don't buy it to add to your wedding dress or you are liable to see old Fred head for the hills.

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