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Unisex Leather Shoulder Bag-Honduras 3.95997

Unisex Leather Shoulder Bag-Honduras 3.95997

$ 89.99

Folks, we are talking soft, pliable leather that has a really nice feel to it. The inner sanctum offers two pouches so you can remain organized and the strap is fully adjustable.

This leather shoulder bag was made by the folks training at Mission Lazarus, a Christian center outside Choloteca Honduras.I do mission work there so before leaving I load up on their quality products.

This particular bag always make me think of the Pony Express rider. So if you are into Rodeo or Polo go ahead and get the bag for your off hours. Trust me, you'll look cool. For those who don't own a'll look just as cool.

It measures 12" x 14" and expands to hold the bigger items like bars of gold. The strap is adjustable, just a reminder.

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