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Magnificent Carved Wood Turtle  3.95733

Magnificent Carved Wood Turtle 3.95733

$ 39.99

Folks, here's a treasure I had a hard time getting away from my wife. It is a carved wood turtle carved to perfection. In reality it is a box or a secret hiding place for your valuables. You know, all those things you so easily misplace and spend hours looking for. Well, now just pop them under the shell and there they will be when you need them.

What am I trying to solve your problems when I have this gorgeous turtle to rave about.

Let see, it measures 12" beak to rear and 8" across the shell. It is an inch or two deep but it is hard to tell because the concave nature of the shell adds to the depth.

Here's the good part. It is a lightweight wood so it doesn't weigh that much. Keeps the shipping down.

Click for the larger photos and you'll see what a gem this guy is. I bet you have the perfect place for him too, don't you?

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