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Extraordinary Basket Woven with Cord-Africa 3.94514

Extraordinary Basket Woven with Cord-Africa 3.94514

$ 44.99

Folks, I hit two of the best Estate Sales I have ever hit this weekend. (9/14/2013) I nearly went broke but the lady with me came through with a loan.

This basket certainly caught my eye as baskets are one of our larger lines and one of my favorite products. Most are from Panama and woven with the chunga fiber. However, this basket is woven with cord. It is as stout as a Mac Truck and I'm not kidding. It has next to no give in it. The design is lovely and it is ready for the wall. It has an 11" diameter nad is 3" deep.

I should comment that the Estate Sale that this came from was the home of a fairly wealthy family. Doctor type and you know how they are about quality... At least I like to think so when I go to mine.

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