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Coconut Shell Lined Zipper Purse-Panama 3.94105

Coconut Shell Lined Zipper Purse-Panama 3.94105

$ 24.99

I can see right off these aren't for everyone. I's not everyone that wants to walk around looking like a nut. And the jokes...I can hear then now. Is that your Nutty Buddy? She's so tight not even the IRS can crack her nut. Or how about this one...You've gotta be nuts to carry a purse like that!!

Or maybe it is for you. None of these comments can touch you. Thick-skinned and seen it all, right? Tough as nails and proud of it. Yep, that's you. Why you're so tough you ought to buy two and wear one over each shoulder and dare anyone to even smile. Oh, I'd love to be there when you crack some joking jerk who dares to mouth off with one of your nuts.

Now for you normal people: If you want to look a bit different...this purse will do it.

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