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Panama is in total lockdown. No tourists, no sales, no food, no medicine. That is what is happening to the Kuna, Wounaan and Embera tribes in Panama. We have worked with them since 1990 and know they are desperate. Traderbrock, Molamagic and Molamadness will match all sales revenue and use it to purchase molas, tagua carvings and baskets for the next 60 days. We have church pastors and others that sell regularly to us via photos and payment through Western Union. The art is shipped through the mail. We have been doing this for years but now it is critical to help the poorest of the poor. Please share this message with your friends.

Estimado cliente,
Panamá está en un encierro total. Sin turistas, sin ventas, sin comida, sin medicinas. Eso es lo que les está pasando a las tribus Kuna, Woumaan y Embera en Panamá. Hemos trabajado con ellos desde 1990 y sabemos que están desesperados. Traderbrock, Molamagic y Molamadness igualarán todos los ingresos de ventas y lo utilizarán para comprar molas, tallas de tagua y cestas durante los próximos 60 días. Tenemos pastores de iglesias y otros que nos venden regularmente a través de fotos y pagos a través de Western Union. El arte se envía por correo. Hemos estado haciendo esto durante años, pero ahora es fundamental ayudar a los más pobres de los pobres. Por favor, comparta este mensaje con sus amigos.
Ceramic Hand-Painted Peace Corps Bell-Panama 3.85485

Ceramic Hand-Painted Peace Corps Bell-Panama 3.85485

$ 8.99

These bells were designed by your's truly!! In the early 1990's I returned to Panama after a stint in the Peace Corps in Honduras. One of the first businesses I set up in the wake of Noriega's departure was a ceramic bell business. We were trying to stimulate the lower echelons of the artisan communities because after Noriega that sector of the economy was ignored.

Anyhow, while we were busy making bells I thought up this bell commemorating the Peace corps. It is 3.5" tall and has a 3.5" diameter at the opening. Click for the larger images. I only have a handful so don't be shy, order up. When they are gone the only one left will be in my stay.

May come with a red or blue ribbon. 

Shipping included within the USA. 

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