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Vertical Haitian Art Oil Painting Primitive Haiti-3.69889

Vertical Haitian Art Oil Painting Primitive Haiti-3.69889

$ 36.99

This painting measures 31.5L" x 10W". I say oil/acrylic because I don't know what this is. But it is sure handsome. The vertical shape will allow you to fill that narrow wall you've been worrying about...yeah, that one.

Some of you might remember back in the 1990s Haitians made a big effort to reach Florida. Some were successful while others drown at sea. Well, during this time other Haitians made their way to Panama.

Today there is a community of Haitian artists in Panama and I buy their art from time to time. On our recent trip I decided to load up and see how the art sells on eBay. Each painting will mean something different to each viewer so I will just encourage you to click for the larger images. Then youll see each one up close and personal.

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