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Wounaan Alligator Tagua Pendant Carving-Panama 3.67248

Wounaan Alligator Tagua Pendant Carving-Panama 3.67248

$ 29.99

Folks, here's a dandy for a University of Florida fan, student, professor, alumni or coach. It is a must if you want to be in the top ten. Now another group that ought to be competing for this gem is that bunch down in the bayou known as the Swamp People. You know, on the History Channel. Those folks paddle around the swamps down in Louisiana hanging dead chickens in the trees in hopes that the gators will take the bait. Once the hidden hook is set the Swampers paddle in for the kill. They paddle in with one of them waving a gun all over the place while the other grabs the line and starts hauling the rascal to the surface for a clear shot. I find myself rooting for the gator to swamp the boat. That would put them all on a level playing field.

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