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Kuna Tribe machine stitched Mola-Panama 3.52227

Kuna Tribe machine stitched Mola-Panama 3.52227

$ 19.00

This mola measures 12.5" x 17". This mola is primarily machine- stitched. It is worth taking a moment to explain how machine-stitching got its start with the Kunas. Back in the 1960’s some well intentioned Peace Corps volunteers saw that it took a long time to make a mola. Well, put two and two together and the volunteers had a neat project to help the Kunas. Only one problem...the customers like hand-stitching. So today very few mola artists use sewing machines to make molas. They might use them to make mola decorated clothes or other products using mola but machine-stitched molas are a no-no among the artists. Sometimes you might see a line of machine stitching near the top or bottom of a mola. That is because they do use machines to attach molas to their colorful blouses. So what does all this mean? Well, machine molas are becoming scarce. The ones you see today may very well be from those early days in in the 1960’s. So I buy them up when I get the chance... thinking, "they ain’t making these things anymore."  Click above for the larger images.

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