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Classic Haitian Modern Art Scene Painting-Haiti 3.51351

Classic Haitian Modern Art Scene Painting-Haiti 3.51351

$ 149.99

This beautiful Haitian Art Painting measures 32" x 42". It is areallylarge painting on canvasready for framing. I have heard this painting referred to as The Sun, Moon and Stars.

My interest in Haitian art began in the early 1990s. Remember back thenwhen Haitian boat people were coming ashore in Florida? Well, Uncle Sam loaded a large number of them up and shipped them to Panama. The US military prepared compounds on the west side of the canal to house and feed them. Then a large number of Haitians set Panama as their destination and arrived in Panama on tourist visas. They didnt have much money but they did have suitcases full of Haitian art. A Haitianfriend of mine named Lucas ended up being a main contact with these folks and he hada bad habit of calling me with this mournful voice, pleading the plight of the new arrivals. "No money, no food, no nuthin!!" You gotta buy his art stuff, Mon!!" At one point I had hundreds of leather masks, wood carvings and paintings. But I didnt really mind buying the stuffbecause the US military community stepped right up and boughtit from me. It is strange that even today, seventeen years later, I still have a few of these art items in inventory. Check the store, youll come across a few.

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