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Wounaan Tribe Antiquish Woven Basket-Panama 3.49826

Wounaan Tribe Antiquish Woven Basket-Panama 3.49826

$ 41.00

This basket measures about 3.5" tall and has a 18" circumference. This is another of my antiquish-looking baskets. I probably have had this basket in inventory for nearly 20 years. Every now and then I go to the 20-30 boxes of old baskets I still have and dig out a few memories. I bought these baskets back when I use to go to the Darien rainforest and trade cooking oil, bras, panties, powdered milk and certain tools for the baskets. Those were the days... Today I show up in Panama City, let a few folks know I am in town and the artists all come to the hotel. Yeah, the government paved the road.  It is a lot easier today but the thrill is gone. However, I have a lot of fond memeories for when I grow old. My grandchildren assure me regularly that it is happening quickly. They’re outta the will.  Click for the larger images and you’ll better enjoy this basket. Click above for the larger images.

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