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Kuna Indian Cashew Nut Mola-Panama  3.ib1300

Kuna Indian Cashew Nut Mola-Panama 3.ib1300

$ 26.99

Mola Maze Multi-Color Black/Plum Measures Approx. 17" w x 14" h. I am the one that named this a cashew nut mola. The reason is that cashew trees grow in Panama and the nut hangs at the bottom of the fruit just like this mola displays. Only turn the mola over in your minds eye. At the right time of the year, meaning when the cashew fruit is ripe, the folks harvest the fruit and pluck the nuts off. They roast them and sell them alongside the road. I love to eat the fruit. It is hard to believe there is one nut per fruit but that is how it goes. It explains why cashew nuts are more expensive than other nuts. too. Click above for the larger images.

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