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Kuna Indian Mola Necktie Corbata-Panama 3.49569

Kuna Indian Mola Necktie Corbata-Panama 3.49569

$ 24.99

Folks, here’s something that will set you apart from the maddening crowd. It will make you a star at any party, a hit in the office and a hero with your daughters!!! What other tie manufacturer can make these claims? What we do is take goldie old ties to Panama and give them to perhaps a dozen different artists that are part of our team. They work their miracles and then return the ties to us. It keeps them busy earning money and us busy looking for more good ties to put into the game. Your job is to pick one or two out for your husband or boyfriend. Come on, it’s time to add a little color to his life. End to end this tie measures 57" long and about 4" wide.

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