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Wounaan Tribe Signature Woven Basket-Panama 3.49353

Wounaan Tribe Signature Woven Basket-Panama 3.49353

$ 49.00

This basket measures 4.5" tall and has an 17" circumference. This is another very interesting basket. If you are looking for the signature it is right in front of you. See that purple nob in the center of the bottom? That’s it. You see, the baskets sometimes come in to the city in Toe Sacks atop buses.  The baskets in the sacks are often owned by different artists. So when they shake out the baskets problems of ownership can develop. The smart artists do just a little something different so they can claim their own baskets. That is what you see on this basket. The signature is recessed just enough so the basket sits upright like it should. Click above for the larger images.

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