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Woun. White Turtle in Shell Tagua Carving-Panama3.48826

Woun. White Turtle in Shell Tagua Carving-Panama3.48826

$ 22.00

The artists like to say they look at the nut and see the animals within. Then through their carving skills they release them. Here we have a super turtle in its shell carving. One use would be to drill it from the rear of the shell and install a jump ring. Then it could be a pendant or used in another jewelry creation.  I have probably had this carving in my inventory for 10-15 years. I have several boxes of all white carvings that I rarely get around to anymore. The other day I was looking at them and decided to start a White Tagua category in the store. White means the natural color of tagua. It is why tagua is often referred to as vegetable ivory or called ivory nut.   Click for the larger images to get the best views.

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