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SUPER Woven Basket-Africa 3.45291

SUPER Woven Basket-Africa 3.45291

$ 56.00

This is a rather special basket that I came across right here in Huntsville Alabama. So the Wounaan story and photos below are unrelated to this basket except in the sense that basket weavers all over the world are related by their love of the art. Now back to this lovely basket. Check it out!! The weave is fantastic and I love the colors. My neighbor who is a recognized artist told me basket weavers need to be mathematicians to balance the weave. That is clear here. Look how symmetrical the faint color variations are in the lighter areas. That takes a little math. The group I bought this basket from is out to promote Fair Trade. So are we.The basket has a 12" diameter and is 4" deep.

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