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Wounaan Woven Butterfly Plate Basket-Panama 3.44845

Wounaan Woven Butterfly Plate Basket-Panama 3.44845

$ 299.00

Heres another stupendous plate basket designed as a wall decoration. This magnificent piece of art has a 19" diameter. I use the word basket in the description to accommodate the search engines because these wall decorations are made by the same Wounaan artists that make the baskets that are quickly making Panama famous. And you thought we were just a canal.... No sir, we are a quickly evolving center for the finest baskets made anywhere. Remind me to bill the Panamanian Tourist Bureau. Well, what I say isnt going to sell this beauty, so go down and click on the photos. If they don't sell it...nothing will. There is a well concealed loop on the back to hang the piece on the wall.

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